Friday, July 07, 2006

One Lab's Journey - The Early Years

Wow! That was a great nap - Mommy turned the air conditioning on for me. My undercoat really traps the heat. Sometimes I get chafed. And now I've had a go-eat! & a good walk, & I took care of my business & checked my p-mail on the rosebushes outside. I sent a few p-mails too & I hope the two Abbys get to read them before the scent wears off. Oh well - I can always send more tomorrow!

Maybe now would be a good time to talk about my puppyhood & how I came to be the dog you see before you. My puppydog tale began on Christmas morning 1999 at Erinhill Labs. Yep, that's right - Jesus shares my birthday! I really like him a lot - I think he'd probably always have cookies on him. I don't know when Lord Buddha was born. I like him too, but he doesn't have cookies, just tofu cakes. They make me sneeze. What was I talking about???

Oh yeah - my birthday! Here's a picture of my birth mom Rosie. Her fancy name is Erinhill's Wild Irish Rose, but she'll always be mom to me.


Sometimes I miss her.

And here are some pictures & info about my pop Baloo. His fancy name is Lobuff's Bare Necessities. He was a real big shot champion early in his career, then he got hurt somehow - I don't know the whole story. I think he was working deep undercover for the Secret Service or maybe it was the X-Files. Mom never would talk about it. After his war wounds healed he decided to try a career change & went into genetics. He's an intellectual type, my dad. A literary guy. He's been published! Twice! And now, look! I'm published too! That's my pop on the cover of both those books about the best dog breed there is! Very handsome, my pop. And quite the ladies man, from all my brothers & sisters I keep learning about. Whew! I'm glad I don't have to buy Christmas presents! I think I look just like him, don't you? The puppy doesn't fall far from the sire, as they say. Hah!

Mom says pizza's on its way, so we'd better go now. I can't miss the chance to wheedle my way into a pizza crust! I'll talk some more tomorrow! Bye!


Blogger Eve said...

HI Dickens, Taz here good to see you have a blog too! Soo cool! *woof* my mom posts pictures of me everyday. She says I am the cutest puppy in the world. I think she put a link to your blog on mine aswell.

gotta go Mom is opening the fridge

8:56 PM  
Blogger Dickens said...

Hi Taz! You're my first visitor! I'm so excited, I need a cookie. Bye!

Mommy! How do you link?

9:08 PM  
Blogger Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

Welcome to the world of dogbloggin' Dickens - it really is lots of fun ! I see you have met Taz - what a cutie, and you are very handsome too !
Thanks for linking "dogswithblogs" - we have added you to the master list.

9:07 AM  
Blogger Charlie - The Big Dog said...


Pizza crusts?

Oh Doggie pleez!

FULL PORTIONS!, or call the humane society and report your humans for neglect!


P.S Repeat after me, "I am K9 - I have a right to eat 2x FULL slices of pizza"

9:30 AM  
Blogger Dickens said...

Hi Opy! Hi Chuck!

Welcome to my blog!

*virtual butt sniff*

Chuck - Mommy & Big G think you might be a bad influence so I'd chill on the advice.


12:26 PM  

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